Maadjapaahit, South Asian diner

Pune, India Name after Majapahit, the most powerful Indonesian empire which was at its peak in the 14th century and ruled the modern day countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.  The restaurant endeavours to serve popular dishes from each of these countries including Indonesia.  The three week old... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: The Potbelly , Shapur Jat

New Delhi, India My knowledge of Bihari cuisine was limited to Litti Choka and that too had never tried them before, needless to say why Potbelly a Bihari eatery in Delhi’s Shahpur Jat  was on top priority this visit.  The rooftop café as they call themselves has an inconspicuous entry followed by a narrow flight... Continue Reading →

Marwari Food Festival in Mumbai……

Mumbai, India Panchavati Gaurav a chain of Gujarathi/Rajasthani Thali restaurants present in Mumbai and other cities like Pune is hosting a Marwari food festival till 22nd October to celebrate the Marwar festival and the Rajasthani Folk festival happening in Jodhpur during this time of the year. Marwar; once a princely state of India, now Jodhpur,... Continue Reading →

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