A Gintleman’s drink!!!!

It was an evening when the International Brand Ambassador of Beefeater gin, Tim Stones was in town and was taking a group of liquor enthusiasts through the journey of Gin. Gin is a popular drink globally and has been referred to unabashedly in films and books. "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns,... Continue Reading →

The Glenlivet: Tasting by Alex Robertson

“I'll have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper... and some cheese.” Said Ron Burgundy the lead character in Anchorman; a 2004 movie and this is how it started when I started talking of Burgundies  aka wines to Alex Robertson the Global brand ambassador for Glenlivet and I got anchored sooner rather... Continue Reading →

Pernod Ricard’s Bar Masters Academy in its 3rd year…….

  The Bar Masters Academy initiated by Pernod Ricard India a global co-leader in wines and spirits and executed by Tulleeho; has become a force to reckon with in the Indian bartending world. An annual program where 30 bartenders from finest establishments of selected cities are invited to undergo a rigorous classroom and practical training... Continue Reading →

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