Maadjapaahit, South Asian diner

Pune, India Name after Majapahit, the most powerful Indonesian empire which was at its peak in the 14th century and ruled the modern day countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.  The restaurant endeavours to serve popular dishes from each of these countries including Indonesia.  The three week old... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Kurries and Burries, Chowpatty

Mumbai, India In line with the preference for vegetarian and Jain food in the the plush Malabar Hill aka SoBo localities, Kurries and Burries an Asian-Mexican vegetarian eatery gets added to the list.  Tucked in the by lanes of Girgaon Chowpatty, this 15 seater QSR attempts to dish out popular international cuisine namely Mexican, Thai,... Continue Reading →

Westin Hotels celebrate ‘Kitchens of Kangan’

Mumbai,India So here is a chance to get the best of three worlds at Kangan the north-west frontier Indian restaurant at the Westin, Mumbai.  Best of three worlds!! Three master chefs of brand Kangan; from Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai have come together for the second edition of ‘Kitchens of Kangan’ an endeavour which showcases the... Continue Reading →

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