Maadjapaahit, South Asian diner

Pune, India

Name after Majapahit, the most powerful Indonesian empire which was at its peak in the 14th century and ruled the modern day countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.  The restaurant endeavours to serve popular dishes from each of these countries including Indonesia.  The three week old place is nicely done up and drops hints on the cuisine.  We were the only table in the restaurant when we walked in at thirty past nine and we were taken aback.  We had a seat and got a warm welcome from the servers.


The menu is divided country wise with it skewing towards Thai cuisine and we ensure we stayed clear of it. Many items we chose from the menu were unavailable as they are still tuning it. We ordered a host of appetizers tofu based salad and a hors d’oeuvre, a spicy Murtabak and ended with a sweet potato and coconut dessert.  The food was nice and comforting, presented well and provided good value for money. Will go back again to try more someday.


*If only they could dim the incandescent lighting to up the experience and secondly not a good idea to have a management meeting (they looked like insiders) in an empty restaurant as their voices pushed the experience down further.

Maadjaapaahit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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