‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’ Time for some real chinese food

‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’ will be the most used line across the world over the next fortnight. It is the Chinese New Year, the year of the ‘Horse’ and the line is ‘Happy new year’ in Cantonese. This period of the year is pure revelry in China and China towns across the globe. It is... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Mahjong – Exotic ‘Chindian’ diner!

I recently heard of this value for money Chinese lunch at the Mahjong, the Chinese restaurant at hotel Ramee in Khar. The hotel once infamous for ‘Madness’ its discotheque and famous for the ‘Irish pub’ looked worn-out and tired from the exteriors.  I quickly went up to Mahjong on the first floor,the restaurant furnishings, upholstery... Continue Reading →

Wine Grapes: Sangiovese, Grillo, Pinot Grigio,Gewurztraminer

In my last, we saw popular white grape varieties like Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc and here in my final on white grapes, we will look at other lesser-known in India grape varieties jostling for space and in many cases doing well too. Grillo: An indigenous grape variety from Sicily,Italy,it is most... Continue Reading →

It will be my endeavour to keep the description as crisp as possible, the idea here is to empower you with enough information to choose and savour wines. Wine is a fermented beverage made out of grapes. Well it can be made from anything that has sugars but for anything other than grapes, the ingredient... Continue Reading →

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