Restauranthesis: Drinks on MG, M G Road

Bengaluru, India

Drinks on MG

Drinks On MG which is located at the Church Street end of MG road got on to my radar of  places when I witnessed their bartender Alfonso Del Portillo get crowned the best bartender of India at a competition last month. The entrance is bedecked with a Cocktail Shaker; however it is very easy to miss the place. Once you walk up to the first floor you find a place which is very casual with comfortable seating.  The bar is one of the prettiest I have seen, not by layout but by the sheer array of ingredients laid out including a host of bitters.

Drinks on MG

Alfonso was prompt to attend us as he concocted his winning drink at the competition; made with Ciroc it has tomato and basil, Licorice, wine and other myriad flavours. It came at a steep Rs 700  as compared to a chilli scented Indian Daiquiri laced with caramel which was astonishingly priced at Rs 200. A closer look at the menu and we couldn’t believe our eyes, cocktails and of such brilliant quality starting at Rs 200++ makes it our preferred cocktail destination in Bengaluru at least on quiet weekdays. On weekends we will leave it for some other day. We did not taste the food and are rating the place purely on the drinks experience.


Drinks on MG

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