Restauranthesis: Hotel Sunny, Chembur


Well I have been trotting around Chembur eating often and my latest tryst was with a 3 decade old  Keralite restaurant called Sunny. Located in Shell colony it would have been a difficult place to reach for a non-Chemburite if not for Google Maps.

We went there for dinner but soon realized it was a wrong time to go for vegetarians since they have a long list of specials like Aviyal, Olan, Kalan, Moru curry served only at lunch time. Nonetheless the server saw the disappointment on our faces and without a prompt got tasting portion of vegetables being served that night. Kadala curry, Kurma, Beetroot thoran and Lentil Gourd curry.  We quickly decided on kurma, thoran and a portion of sambar and to go along we ordered a portion of Appam , Idiappam and whole wheat parotha.  This restaurant has a seating for 50 including the aircon section but during our time there, the place was busy but it seemed to be doing majority of its business through deliveries as boys ran up and down with polythenes full of containers.


The food arrived in no time, the beetroot thoran, stir fried beetroot with a copious amount of freshly grated coconut, kurma with veggies in creamy coconut milk was high on the scoville scale and lastly the Sambar was flavoursome. In breads the appam was a disappointment as it was flat and cold, the idiappam had dried out on the edges (from lunch time they were as the server explained to me later, they shouldn’t have served it I thought) but what saved the night was the whole wheat parotha which was flaky yet soft and tasted rich.  We ordered a vegetable biryani  to finish our meal. It was high on fried onions, vegetables were done in a nondescript masala  and  an interesting ingredient was pieces of bread in it , don’t think it added any flavour, however the overall dish was tasty but not memorable.

Whole wheat Kerala Parotha
Whole wheat Kerala Parotha

Meal for 2:  Rs 350

Verdict:  A great place to go and fulfill your craving for coconut in food. The kurma holds some peppery memories as I write this and I will be there soon for lunch someday. Also Onasadya is on cards.

Gourmet Pitch:

Well as much justice does the restaurant does to vegetarian food, a Keralite joint is never complete without its beef chilly and fish curry.  See what the owner has to say here:



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