Chipstead, Taj Coromandal

Chennai,India Had a lush lounge like ambience ,perfect for late night parties. Chipstead impresses with the wine selection,perhaps the most inexpensive in the country for a five star setting this place does justice to the wine experience, albeit it happens in lounge lighting.

China Inc dragon enters Santacruz!

Mumbai, India Most of us will be amused if one had to open a place called ‘Mala’ and serve authentic Chinese food!!  Mala is to Sichuan like Mustard is to Bengal or Makkhan is to Punjab!  Ma for Sichuan peppercorns and La for dried Chilly is the most known flavour which represents the Sichuan cuisine... Continue Reading →

High Tea at the Sea Lounge!

Mumbai, India Afternoon Tea or Low Tea and High tea or meat tea has scrambled origins; different legends have myriad stories to tell. Once such elaborates that the ‘High Tea’ was born in 1700’s for the common man in the UK, a quick early evening or a late afternoon meal consisting of toast, cakes, bread,... Continue Reading →

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