Dilli’s Chawla Chicken

Delhi, India The food here packs a punch, their gravies are a melange of spices and come out beautifully. Had the soya Chaap Masala and will go back for it again. The portion size is big enough for two and the rotis that I had to accompany it were wholewheat and crisp.  Do ask for... Continue Reading →

Pickwicks, Claridges

Delhi, India Was staying with them and was there for breakfast 3 days in a row.  Their buffet is not the most elaborate like you would see in modern five star hotels due to lack of space however they make up for the same with  items like eggs, dosas, pancakes etc coming from the kitchen.... Continue Reading →

Public Affair

Delhi,India I passed by the door a few times before locating it, going by the name they certainly don't want to make it a speak easy. The place is split over two levels and offers nice al fresco seating, amazing in the Delhi weather. The place has an extensive cocktail list and a elaborate food... Continue Reading →

Flyp by Mtv

Delhi, India This place is huge, but there are too many aspects to the decor that make its loud than chic. We settled at the bar on a very quiet Sunday night (atleast the place was) to meet two enthusiastic bartenders who told us more about the few months old place. We were amused but... Continue Reading →

Al Jawahar

Delhi, India As a vegetarian you may not have enough options in this place however I ended up here just to soak in the charm of Old Delhi the vibe of the vicinity. I order a soul soothing and artery-choking  baida curry ( eggetarian me) with the very rich Sheermal ( a type of bread... Continue Reading →

Odeon Social

Delhi, India A high tea at Social Hauz was followed by drinks and dinner at their Odeon space. Their latest addition, this place again goes with a different theme, going back to school. The servers in school uniform, central table appointments with rulers and pencils and gong at the gate, a honors black board and... Continue Reading →

RDX, Rajinder da dhaba

Delhi,India Went to this place after a lot of recommendations for Rajinder Da Dhaba, an off-shoot of Rajinder  I understood that the food at RDX comes from the original next door. The restaurant wears a dreary look, the seating is very comfortable though. As much I overlooked the ambience or the sticky menus the food... Continue Reading →

Bittoo da dhaba

Delhi, India Stumbled upon this place during my evening stroll in the area.  Don't know if this place has a legacy but it certainly looked like a Dhaba from the outside and I decide to give it a try. The first 10 minutes were really testing as I was unsure if I would wake alright... Continue Reading →

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