Restauranthesis: Udaya Lunch Home, chembur

Mumbai, India

Udaya Chembur

Udaya is the place where I seek solace for my Appam and stew cravings. This Malayali eatery was Introduced to me by my father who is a fan of its Mutton and Clams fry, I a vegetarian am equally excited by the sight of Kadala curry (Bengal gram curry) or Ghee rice (Ney Choru) and Sambar.  They have limited vegetarian options vis-à-vis the non vegetarian fare that they serve, but it was a different story yesterday, it was Onam and they were serving Onasadya a pure vegetarian meal at Rs 300 a head.

Onasadhya Udaya ChemburThe Menu:

Banana Chips

Sarkara Upperi (Plantain chips coated with ginger flavoured jaggery)

Lemon Pickle

Puli Inji (Sweet and sour Ginger chutney)

Olan ( Ashgourd and black eyed beans in Coconut milk)

Pineapple Pachadi (Pineapple in a coconut masala)

Cucumber Kichadi (Yellow cucumber in a yogurt base)

Kalan (vegetables in coconut and yogurt)

Erissery (A dry preparation of Vegetables in a coconut masala)

Avial (Mixed vegetables including drumsticks in a yogurt and coconut gravy, it’s a semi dry prep)

Cabbage Thoran (A dry preparation of tempered Cabbage)

Rice or choru




Palada Payasam (Rice Kheer kerala style)

Ada Pradaman (Rice kheer with jaggery and coconut)

By now you must have understood the power of coconut in Keralite cuisine; so if you are the one who is mesmerized with the smell of coconut oil or if silken coconut milk entices you, this is the place to be!!


Udaya Lunch home
Ground Floor, Sharma Safalya Building, Govandi Road, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071
022 2521 4628

Udaya Kerala food









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