Restauranthesis: The Potbelly , Shapur Jat

New Delhi, India

The Potbelly Delhi Bihar cuisine

My knowledge of Bihari cuisine was limited to Litti Choka and that too had never tried them before, needless to say why Potbelly a Bihari eatery in Delhi’s Shahpur Jat  was on top priority this visit.  The rooftop café as they call themselves has an inconspicuous entry followed by a narrow flight of stairs (no elevators) which lead to the fourth floor air-conditioned place.

The Potbelly Delhi Bihar cuisine


The Potbelly Delhi Bihar cuisine
Baggia Baskets

We grabbed a seat by the window and were quickly attended to.  We engrossed ourselves in the menu and enjoyed the read.  Our menu selection finally boiled down to Sattu; a roasted gram drink to begin with, one each of their sweet and salty variants. The sattu was refreshing in both their forms however it was a meal in itself.  We then moved on to devour Baggia, rice pockets steamed with a lentil stuffing and finished   in mustard seeds and curry leaf.  Then Litti( dumpling) Chokha (Mash)  the most famous dish from the  cuisine arrived.  Baked dumplings twice the size of golf balls stuffed with sattu (read roasted gram and cereal mix)  served with Chana dal , Smoked aubergine mash and mustard laden potato mash were quite a mouthful. The Dal complemented the dry Litti well and I surely enjoyed my first portion of Litti Chokha.  We had planned for Maher a yogurt based rice preparation to finish, we couldn’t, sattu had done us in.

The Potbelly Delhi Bihar cuisine
Litti Chokha


The place calls for a second visit as there are many more dishes like Tehri, Dalpitti, Ghunt, ghoogni Churra etc to be tried.  Lastly kudos to the people behind Potbelly, their guts to put their faith behind regional cuisine is admirable!!

Meal for 2: Rs 900


But Why ‘The Potbelly’ and not a more apt Bihari name!



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