Restauranthesis: Kalpana Club, Zaveri Bazaar



I have been visiting and writing about eateries which have stood the test of time; also, changing tastes and Kalpana Club gets added to the list. This place opened in the 1950’s and since then have been dishing out Gujarati thalis. My father started eating here when it was Rs 12 a head and I started at when it was Rs120 and now it stands at Rs 150 for unlimited food.

Kalpana Club, Zaveri Bazaar , Mumbai
Kalpana Club, Zaveri Bazaar , Mumbai


What has kept this place ticking is the simplicity in its meals which makes it home like. The thali comes with 4 vegetables, Dal, 2 types of farsaan, roti, chaas, rice and condiments. The service is prompt and they will happily serve you till you drop. I shared the table with 3 other people and was very happy to notice that none of them wasted any food on the plate; you know how it is otherwise in a buffet/unlimited food place. Chole pattice and Pea and raisin dhokla were the farsaan for the day and both were well made but very different from the street side places, the 4 veggies were distinct in taste, aloo in gravy, dry bhindi masala, chana gravy and lastly kofta curry. I enjoyed them with the soft palm size phulkas that kept coming. They also have Jain option in the gravies. Overall a fantastic meal which ended with a portion of so-so Aamras (Rs 30). They have special dishes like puran poli included in the price on certain days and they have a special Sunday lunch (Rs 180) with an enhanced menu.

A must visit and a place worthy as a daily dining option.The special Sunday thali will happen very soon!

P.S: Can be a little difficult to find the place. It’s on the 2nd floor of a building in the by lane opposite the Bhagat Tarachand’s

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