Mirchi and Mime

Powai,Mumbai, India Amazing experience on my two visits. Great food and service. Try the shakarkand and feta chat,mushroom galouti, paneer gravy with sun dried tomatoes and more. Will go back for more.Dining Tips: If you have a 230 lunch slot ,then ensure you aren't in for a relaxed meal as service is a bit hurried,... Continue Reading →

Santosh Cafe

Powai, Mumbai, India This place is a hidden gem for those who want to have a home style Malayali lunch and breakfast. It is a 16 seater no frill place which is frequented by Corporates around. Beware,they have food which is made beforehand and hence no guarantee on whats on the menu as item once... Continue Reading →

Bhojohori Manna, Powai

Powai,Mumbai,India Good primer for someone to get initiated on to Bong cuisine. The pricing is not prohibitive and their menu covers major rep Bong dishes and they do it pretty well as per Bong friends. Aam Pora sharbat is a must to begin And then mochar chop, dokar dalna etc are good.. ask for advice... Continue Reading →

Chili’s Powai running its original menu from 1975…..

Mumbai,India I am admittedly a huge Chili’s fan, their food consistently fails to disappoint. My perception of the place, it is American,it is big  and it is comforting. They are now doing something wonderful over the next couple of  months, they have recreated the menu which they originally started with in 1975 in Texas. Humble... Continue Reading →

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