No, Jack Daniel’s is not a Bourbon…

Mumbai, India With the rains finally hitting Mumbai with such pomp, it gives me real warmth as I write this article on American whiskey.  Going a decade back, Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam to a certain extent were perhaps the only ones synonymous with American whiskey. To tell us more about them Ms Shatbhi Basu,... Continue Reading →

The Glenlivet: Tasting by Alex Robertson

“I'll have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper... and some cheese.” Said Ron Burgundy the lead character in Anchorman; a 2004 movie and this is how it started when I started talking of Burgundies  aka wines to Alex Robertson the Global brand ambassador for Glenlivet and I got anchored sooner rather... Continue Reading →

Money can't buy you taste! In the summer of 2007  as a beverage chap at Renaissance,Mumbai, I always wanted to crack open a bottle of  'Penfolds Grange'  an Australian red wine lying in my club cellar just to taste it( INR 37000 on the menu) because in my opinion then,anything expensive had to be superior in... Continue Reading →

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