For the love of Panchkota sabzi!

Mumbai. India The land of royalty, palaces, luxury, colours, architecture and of course cuisine, Rajasthan truly puts India on the global tourist scene.  Speaking of the cuisine, the dry and arid landscape of Rajasthan gave birth to it. Paucity of water, lack of vegetation and hence vegetables got them to adapt resulting in distinct recipes. ... Continue Reading →

Bhagosa, Handvo, Adadiya Pak.. There is more to Gujju food

Mumbai, India Back in the school days, ones friend’s Tiffin was almost always more interesting than their own and as a brought up in Ghatkopar (Read ‘Mini-Gujarat) chap; handua, undhiya, Adadiya Pak were on the menu often. Come college the tiffins disappeared and so did the items, only then that I realized that those dishes... Continue Reading →

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