Wine Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot

In my previous articles we discussed basics of wine, buying wine from a retail store, and then we also touched upon popular white grape varieties. In this and the upcoming we shall try to understand the black grape varieties used to make red wines also white wine in some cases. Remember the basics! The colour... Continue Reading →

Selecting wine in a retail store!

Selecting a wine can be a real challenge for most, especially if they are facing 100 labels or brands in a store; a high number in the Indian scenario! Some can get spoilt for choice in such a situation, some settle for a wine recommended by the store chap who does not understand a word... Continue Reading →

It will be my endeavour to keep the description as crisp as possible, the idea here is to empower you with enough information to choose and savour wines. Wine is a fermented beverage made out of grapes. Well it can be made from anything that has sugars but for anything other than grapes, the ingredient... Continue Reading →

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