Westin Hotels celebrate ‘Kitchens of Kangan’


So here is a chance to get the best of three worlds at Kangan the north-west frontier Indian restaurant at the Westin, Mumbai.  Best of three worlds!! Three master chefs of brand Kangan; from Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai have come together for the second edition of ‘Kitchens of Kangan’ an endeavour which showcases the best from the Chefs put together in a specially crafted menu. The trio then moves to Pune for 10 days followed by Hyderabad. The promotion is on till 9th November.

Kangan Westin Mumbai

Perched up high on the 18th floor Kangan, Mumbai gives you an overview of Mumbai, the brake lights and bumper to bumper traffic on the Western express highway gives it a sparkling ruby necklace like appearance.  The new man in-charge of the kitchen brigade, Executive Chef Rahul Dhavale was all smiles and teeming with energy as he explained the intricacies of the menu.  The Khatte Moong ka shorba with a tempering of garlic to begin with was the best Indian soup I have  had in recent memory, it’s certainly a must have for the upcoming ‘Mumbai winters’. The shorba set me up for a very big meal.

For starters were the delicate  Nimone Ke Batashe, soft and smooth made of green peas stuffed with raisins and cheese and pan fried, Tarkash seekh, Veggies and bell pepper cooked on skewers, split length wise and gratinated with cheese spoke loud of the restaurant modern outlook to food. The paneer in a green marinade was very commonplace. Another very simple but beautifully done appetizer was spuds (baby potatoes) in a sweet and sour tamarind chutney and so were the chargrilled mushrooms in Indian masalas. The pounded green chilli and garlic chutney and Apple chutney helped to accentuate the flavours of the Kebabs. Speaking more of the innovation, the flavour-packed multigrain Jalapeno rotis and the flaky Kacche Haldi ke parathe I ordered with the kababs were something I have never had before, I don’t mind going back to just have the rotis.

Subz Tarkash seekh

Chef Shamsher Ahmed, master chef of Kangan Mumbai and Chef Narayan Salunke his counterpart from Pune enlightened us enough on the cuisine and the ‘Eat Well’ mantra at the Westin. Adalhaat ki Dal made from green lentils with ginger and caramelized onions and Subz Dahi  kofta with  leavened and fluffy Gau Jabani roti (in hindsight I thought ‘Ox tongue’ roti, really! ) crusted with Nigella seeds almost did me in. I went on to have the fragrant and subtly spiced Rajme ki biryani with a rich salan, I did manage and glad I did.  To end my meal was Gulab Patte Ki Kheer, sweetened to perfection and redolent of the flower.

Subz Dahi Kofta

The menu is on till the 9th of November and a meal for two should cost you around 4.5 k. A must try for sure!






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