Chembur, Mumbai Tucked in the Southie hub of Chembur ,shell colony Ayyappan serves Keralite specialties like appam puttu parotha etc apart from idli and dosas. We went for breakfast and at 7 they were just open .. the filter coffee was ordinary .. the puttu very dry but the appams kadala curry and their Chai... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Udaya Lunch Home, chembur

Mumbai, India Udaya is the place where I seek solace for my Appam and stew cravings. This Malayali eatery was Introduced to me by my father who is a fan of its Mutton and Clams fry, I a vegetarian am equally excited by the sight of Kadala curry (Bengal gram curry) or Ghee rice (Ney... Continue Reading →

The Chembur Foodhog!

Mumbai , IndiaWhat started as a plan between  Kshitij Shah ( Bambaiyaveggie) and me ; to indulge in some cult eateries in Chembur ended up public and we had 3 more foodies for company. We covered 4 eateries in the evening and the youngest of them being 36 years old and the rest , well... Continue Reading →

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