Karwari Cuisine gets its due..

Mumbai, India

Who thought of Karwari food in a five star setting… in fact not many people know of Karwari food because everything is South Indian or Madrasi Khana. Trident BKC,Mumbai has come back with its Rivaayat series and this time, Karwar. Karwar an erstwhile sleepy coastal town in Karnataka bordering Goa is on its way to become the biggest naval base in the eastern hemisphere, Project Sea Bird in its second phase will propel it to the top. An agriculture and fishing led economy; Karwari households have a lot to offer in terms of the cuisine, not as much the local restaurants there.

Karwari Cuisine

Chef Ashish Bhasin this time joined hands with Smita Hegde Deo a cook book author and a home cook to bring forth the cuisine from Karwar. Smita who has her roots from Aversa, a hamlet in Karwar has put together a menu which has a variety of vegetable and fish in very classic Karwari preparations. Fresh coconut, Coconut oil, Tamarind, Kokum, Cumin, Coriander, Asafoetida, Mustard and red chilies are the core of the cuisine and Smita has put out the flavours as I would get it at home. Yes, I hail from Karwar too and the food at the Maya passes my litmus with flying colours! Please see the image below for the menu, unheard of names all in Konkani

Karwar Cuisine

Last words, brave job Ashish Bhasin for running a promo of a largely unknown cuisine and fab job Smita Hegde Deo for keeping the authenticity intact. 11th -21st October .. Maya at Trident BKC brings Karwar to you. Dali Toi Sheeth anyone!


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