High on Power at Bengaluru’s highest Cocktail place!

Bengaluru, India

My Bengaluru trip got off to a flyer firstly with some lovely wines. If you were to ask a seasoned wine professional they would confirm that they have beers at the end of a wine session but it went a little different for me on one day. I chased wines with cocktails at the highest bar in Bengaluru, High Ultra Lounge.

High on Power Cocktails Bengaluru

I went there on invitation to experience ‘High on Power’ cocktail promo which featured drinks inspired by political figures of the word including a few from India, it runs till 1st August. The names of the cocktails, the theme of the drink and the ingredients  of the cocktail too looking nothing less than pages picked of a political satire. To complement the drinks was a performance by comedian Sandeep Rao, and he was phenomenal. Now before I divulge the names of political personalities, let us try and guess based on names of cocktails. Some are straight up, some laced and some heady!

High on Power Cocktails Bengaluru

  • Namojo
  • Monica Blewinsky
  • Potus Passion
  • From Russia with love (could have been a bit more quirky)
  • The Sour Kozy
  • The Muffler
  • The Drinkator
  • Italian Duddu
  • Merky Waters
  • The Barlusconi

The cocktails curated by the director of bar operations Guru Prashanth fell in a broad spectrum of flavours and had options from all spirit categories including sochu; they were crafted for the Indian palate. One thing that impressed was the sheer detailing of the whole promotion, right from the collaterals to the cocktail garnishes, they nailed it.High on Power Cocktails Bengaluru  (2)Our favourite of the night was Potus Passion, a heady mix of Bourbon Whiskey, Beer, Ginger and Passion fruit, every nuance here showed up and enticed the palate. The good part about the tasting was that we could taste them all as they do cocktail samplers for Rs 1250 for all 10 and Rs 625 for any five.  If you have visited High, then needless to say that it has the best views the city has to offer and I would particularly love the open air area for a weekend brunch. The High on Power promo ends on 1st August and I hear they end with yet another performance by Sandeep Rao. So go get Happy High on Power, on drinks, on life!


High on Power Cocktails Bengaluru


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