Sunnys in Bengaluru needs to brighten up!

Bengaluru, India

Sunnys Bengaluru
The bread was lovely…

‘Can I get a couple of rotis with my ravioli??’  A thought crossed my mind when I saw the plate of mushroom ravioli drowned in sauce!!  This was at Sunnys, a lovely place with a great outdoor seating and it was running to its capacity on a Saturday afternoon.

Sunnys BEngaluru

We ended up at Sunnys by the virtue of having heard a lot of good about them. The outdoor was inviting even on an afternoon considering the Bengaluru weather. We wanted to start with a salad on a cool sunny afternoon and after browsing through their elaborate menu, we figured out one only to be very casually informed the server that they did not have arugula, we skipped salads as we had no choice, 3 or 4 salads had arugula in it. We chose from the appetizers, it offered options from Mediterranean to Thai to Chinese. The grilled fresh figs with balsamic vinaigrette were ordered, served warm on the reduced vinaigrette with a marmite like consistency, they were sweet, the salt crystals in the dressing balanced it.  It all went the downhill from here with the aforementioned ravioli, it on social got named as Kofta, methi malai mutter etc. I really fail to understand as to what was the restaurant thinking, do people in Bengaluru like it ‘gravied’ !!!! But yes it seemed like a humongous portion and so did my friend’s spaghetti (he took penne) in saffroned onions, fennel and sun-dried tomatoes. Both dishes were average in taste.

Sunnys Bengaluru
Messy plating .. Tasted great!

We ended our meal with Pecan Pie; the staff happily cut it into half for us. Firstly the pecan and the pie were two distinct identities stacked on one other and the shortcrust snapped instead of crumbling, lastly it was served with a sloppy warm cream. I do understand restaurants can have bad days at times in terms of availability and service but you cannot get your basics wrong on food, it is the core!!!

Meal for 2: Rs 2000 … Go try it once and form your own opinion!

sunnys Bengaluru


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