Teddy Boy


The open air expanse, the nip in the Pune air and the rooftop gives Teddy Boy a edge and they put this to great use.  With both High and low seating, a long bar and a dj  the ambiance of the place is very inviting.  My first visit happened on Woman’s day, as early birds we found a table with a city view.

The bar menu offers good value given the pricing and even more on the given night when they had special menu with 1+1 cocktails and they were worth all the shake. The food menu is a mélange of cuisines, from Pizzas to Paneer Makhni with a lot of fusion happening on the menu. A desi eggetarian scotched egg version, a bite size uttappa and sambar dish, a paneer in  kulcha taco, a rice and cheese brioche and dishes like these are all you need on a night out with friends. They offered superior comfort value.  Not a chocolate dessert fan and hence skipped desserts but not before downing a spiced scotch cocktail.

A meal for 2 would come at around Rs 1500.

P.S: Prefer white plates over the fancy carts and carriages used for service as the latter pose serious hygiene concerns.


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