Restauranthesis: Friends Union Joshi Club, Kalbadevi

Mumbai, India

Friends union Joshi Club

This place has been in existence from the pre-independence era and again has a cult following. ‘Friends Union Joshi Club’ quite an unusual name for a thali place, it perhaps speaks of it as a place to congregate for a foodie cause in the times gone by. It was on my list for some time and I finally managed to visit last week.Friends union Joshi Club

Friends union Joshi Club

This thali only place serves Gujarati and Marwari cuisine at Rs 200 a head with unlimited helpings, the dessert of the day is charged for separately.  4 vegetables, Dahiwada, 2 kadhis, 1 dal, Khicdi, Phulkas and Puran Puri comprise the Thali. Our menu was planned well with Raswala Batata, Moong sabji, Methi mutter and Parwal ki subzi , they were polished off with innumerable palm sized rotis brushed with ghee (not very aromatic ). The Puran puris, a sweet akin to Puran Polis are had like Phulkas along with sabzis in the cuisine however we reserved them post meal.  What we missed in the meal was the Gujrati Farsaan and Chaas, otherwise the meal was lovely.

Friends union Joshi Club

Last thoughts, in the vicinity there are a few thali places equally cult like my favourite Kalpana Club which offer more choices for lesser price and at par quality, the question is sustainability in this competition more with fast food  than with diners like these!  As a consumer I am happy to win in competitive pricing but equally worried that such competition could make business unviable for traditional family run businesses.  Anyways, more power to them and Happy eating!
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