Restauranthesis: Vapour, Indira Nagar

Bengaluru, India

Vapour Bengaluru

On a rainy Tuesday evening a few of us decided to meet at the Black Rabbit however since they did not have fresh beers we decided to move to Vapour next door, this was despite resistance from one of the friends. The place is open air and I couldn’t have asked for more given the weather.  The seats and tables looked very shabby, the table tops sticky just like the dog-eared menus handed over to us, grimy and torn.  I could now understand the resistance.  I went ahead and ordered a beer sampler; the ale saved the day, the basmati blonde showed some promised and the others not worth a mention. With food the Pizzas were good bar grub and so was lasagna but for the garlic bread that accompanied, it was very stodgy and didn’t seem fresh.  The service staff was very courteous throughout the meal. I don’t know how old the place is but it looks like it already needs some overhauling.

Vapour Bengaluru Vapour Bengaluru

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