Tuskers at Sofitel now serves breakfast on Weekends!


Tuskers Sofiitel breakfast

‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions ‘said Ken Blanchard. Metaphorically speaking; yes indeed and factually a hearty breakfast fuels the mind and body of champions. If you look up the web, you will find enough reasons why not to skip breakfast, the only reason I cannot skip one is because I wake up for it, Medu Wada with chutney and filter coffee being my favourite.  When I got to know about the newly started South Indian breakfast at Tuskers, the pure vegetarian restaurant at Sofitel Hotel BKC,couldn’t resist the invitation.

South Indian Breakfast

Tuskers which otherwise opens for only lunch and dinner and serves Rajasthani and Gujarati food had a different feel on a Saturday morning.  It was bright and fresh with Carnatic music in the background, the buffet was laden out in earthen wares, the filter coffee counter was all set with urns and all that I missed was the hiss of the Leidenfrost effect from the hot plate. Sorry but I had to sound geeky as it was all about specialities from Tamilnadu and also Kerala curated by chef Munichandrudu who hails from  Chennai.  You know you are at a Madrasi place when you sit and are offered filter coffee even before water, and we did not mind one bit.  Dosa, Adai a mixed lentil and rice version, tomato vermicelli, coriander upma, Pongal, Tomato Semiya, Idlis, Masala Wada, Pochor a version of sweet pongal with coconut milk and bits, Banana Adai with honey and another sweet Kozhukkatta in lines of the steamed Modak  comprised the menu and  was accompanied by an array of chutneys, Podis (Gunpowder), Madrasi and Malabari Sambars. I savored them all.

The breakfast priced at Rs 711++ will run at Tuskers every Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 11 am and I recommend it strongly to those would like to go beyond idlis and vadas and expand their culinary repertoire of authentic Tamil and Keralite cuisine.

P.S: Please feel free to leave some feedback 🙂

Chef Munichandrudu with Ajit Balgi


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