Dining options at Phoenix Market City seem to emerge from the ashes!

Mumbai, India

Phoenix Market City Kurla, the mall with uber lifestyle brands is a preferred shopping destination however it is yet to cross the chasm when it comes to it becoming a dining destination akin to Phoenix Lower Parel and I had voiced it in my article a few months back. Finally the Phoenix management who also runs the Palladium hotel has now taken up the mantle to catapult the dining scene at Market City. Bellona hospitality services an offshoot of Phoenix Mill ltd and headed by seasoned hotelier Romil Ratra is all set to come up with multiple restaurants and up the malls food and beverage act.  212 All Day a deli, café and bar launched last week and it certainly marks the beginning of a gourmet innings for the Market city, we were certainly happy to partake in the celebrations.

Vinofest Kurla Market City

212 all day bar cafe deliThe first floor courtyard was all lit up and the stage was all set for the second edition of Vinofest, a wine and music festival and the al fresco dining of the 212 overlooked the live performance. After a few glasses of the Reveilo 2014 Chardonnay in the courtyard, we settled for dinner indoors.  The bar menu is very functional and represents all spirit and wine categories with respectable options with cocktails and wines starting at Rs 350 a pop.  We settled for a Bellini and a Cosmopolitan, would have appreciated the former with peach puree than overtly sweet syrup.

212 all day bar cafe deli

The food menu is very concise with small plates, salads, burgers and sandwiches and a few select entrees.  We started with mushroom bruschetta on flaky pastry, four cheese flat bread ( paired well with the Cosmo) and an Asian salad in a peanut and honey dressing; all three were simple yet flavorsome preparations.  For mains the Mushroom burger was oozing with Umami, it had crumb-fried Portabello mushrooms, button mushroom in a white ragout topped with gratinated Gruyere. The Spaghetti Aglio Olio specked with red chilli flakes did remind us of the one the Chef in the movie ‘Chef’ tosses up in the middle of the night.

The crème brulee is too hard to resist and the Banana and Nut tart too luscious.  Overall Paul Kinny the culinary head and his team has put together a very simple and straightforward but a worthy menu to begin with, the plan is to keep bringing in the necessary changes based on guest demand and feedback.


212 all day bar cafe deli


Meal for two would cost Rs 1200 and is a good place to chill post or pre movie/shopping or even for after work drinks for those in BKC. Next on my list are the items from their all day breakfast menu!!




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