Temple food in Mumbai till the end of september…

Mumbai, India The holy month of Shravan, the Paryushan for the Jains and Mumbai’s favourite god Ganesha for the religious is about, will power, sacrifice and faith.  Start September these festivities are in the air and for food lovers like me , these occasions are more about food, food and more food. I still remember... Continue Reading →

Westin Hotels celebrate ‘Kitchens of Kangan’

Mumbai,India So here is a chance to get the best of three worlds at Kangan the north-west frontier Indian restaurant at the Westin, Mumbai.  Best of three worlds!! Three master chefs of brand Kangan; from Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai have come together for the second edition of ‘Kitchens of Kangan’ an endeavour which showcases the... Continue Reading →

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