Restauranthesis: The Bowl House, R City Mall

Mumbai, India

 Bowl House Rcity

This restaurant truly epitomizes the customization of foreign cuisine to suit Indian palates, however in the process they do respect the original cuisine and try to emulate it to a great extent. The vegetable Gyoza dumplings a popular Japanese dish was done very well and exceeded expectations, crispy because of pan-frying on one side and soft because it is steamed. It was served with Indian Sichuan sauce!  The Bowl House located in R-City Mall Ghatkopar is a restaurant while all the others are take-aways in food courts.

Gyoza Bowl House R City

The Menu comprises Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cuisines and they have plenty of choice. Post the Gyoza I ordered for a Malaysian Tofu Sizzler, it came and I was disappointed to see only four cubes of tofu and lot of rice. It was topped with seasoned chips with tossed vegetables on the side. The vegetables I must admit were the best I have eaten as a part of a sizzler, the fries were just right. Towards the end of the course I thought I was just being greedy, the portion of tofu was good enough but I was right about the rice, would certainly ask for more veggies instead of the rice the next time.

Sizzler Bowl House Rcity

I was stuffed but there is always room of dessert, but sadly I could not find anything standing out, brownie, Darsaan  et al and everything was served with ice-cream and I am a little finicky about the ones I eat. The Bowl House continues to pull me back to them for its great food and the service also gets full marks. A must try if you are at R-city!

Meal for 2 :  Rs 1500


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