Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia in India…….

Mumbai, India


An Australian model gives up a thriving modeling career to pursue a career in cooking inspired by her partner of Indian origin and almost hits the maximum in the celebrated Masterchef Australia – Season Six, the girl in question; Sarah Todd the 27-year-old was in Mumbai on a recent trip. At hotel Grand Hyatt at a soiree, she not only wooed the audience with her style of food but also paired some cocktails to go along.

Sarah a fan of Indian food used spices like ajwain and ingredients like Besan or Gram flour in here first dish, Zucchini and pea pakoras served with corn relish, this was paired with the Martini Cooler  a vodka cocktail with mango, orange, and rosemary.  The second was the Salmon Ceviche with mint chutney paired with a Pink lady, a gin cocktail with pomegranate and Apple infused brandy and lastly was the audience’s favourite for the night, slow roasted lamb shoulder with beetroot relish on crisp bread paired with the Bellany Scotch sour, with ginger, honey and orange. I tasted the first dish and was tippling otherwise..Not complaining!

Sarah Todd recipes in Mumbai India

Coming to how was Sarah behind the bar?  She was superb, only in posing for the shutterbugs and gallantly passed on the cocktail samples to people, no pun intended here. She happily admitted that she was better cooking in the kitchen than acquiring a completely new skill of bartending, and I must admit she was swift, composed and methodical in her cooking demos earlier in the evening.

Sarah Todd Model Chef in IndiaSarah Todd Cocktails India

What’s next for Sarah? I don’t know but of what I feel and see around, she will sure find a lot of patronage for her food if she were to open a restaurant here in the country, all due credits to her and a fair chunk to MasterChef Australia for a fact that even a five-year old saw a picture of Sarah and me and shouted out aloud ‘Master Chef Australia’. The Chef revolution is indeed awakening in the land of spices!

Bon Appétit!


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