Restauranthesis: Sagar dining hall, Borivali


Sagar dining, Borivali
Sagar dining, Borivali


An unplanned lunch brought me to this place which is bang opposite Borivali west station. I saw this restaurant’s hoarding on a building, but then understood that it was located  in the building opposite, after asking half a dozen people for directions  in a 100 meter stretch we reached; finally. We bought tokens; Rs 100 for a thali and Rs 120 with a portion of sweet. With  3 veggies, dal, kadhi, farsan (strangely upma it was, but upma for lunch?), puri, chapati, moong Khichdi, steamed rice and chaas,it was a variety and the food just kept coming. A simple meal with minimal oil but distinct tastes is what the place was all about. They display their specials like Undhiyu, Farsaan for the days to come etc at the entry. Open for lunch and dinner, you will keep going back for sure!

Verdict:   Sasta and tikaoo. Drop in if you are in the vicinity.

P.S: They also deliver packed food to long distance trains stopping at Borivali. Call and check.

Sagar dining, 1st Floor, Goragandhi  Apartment, Borivali West.    28902849

After mint
After mint

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