The Chocolate Room – Ghatkopar East


Located at Vikrant circle, a ‘posh’ area as per the Ghatkopar parlance a place like this seems to be a good fit but sadly a lot of cafes have come  and gone but street food is what wins here. Chocolate perhaps will allow the ‘Chocolate room’ to stay afloat. An outlet with limited indoor and outdoor seating this place looks fresher and cleaner compared to their Mulund outlet where I had once found a cockroach in my coffee. 20131124_235954
My two friends and I settle down for a latte, a cookie crumble hot coffee and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate comes in two sizes,the smaller one is called the ‘cuddle cup’ wherein you wrap your fingers around the cup to hold it ( see image), lovely concept,exudes warmth literally! The hot chocolate was diluted and thin, the cookie crumble was warm and the cold whipped cream did no justice and gladly they did not go wrong with the latte. We did not complain a bit as it was late in the night and we were too tired to. I am sure the staff would have attempted to fix the drinks if requested to.
The highlight of the evening was the blueberry cheese cake. Great texture and taste, the standard ‘ chocolate sauce’ for presentation I assume, must be surely avoided for the cheese cake.


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