‘Star’ Bucks… Rcity-Ghatkopar

2013-11-29 21.41.52With the whole hype surrounding ‘Starbucks’ having rested now,I decided on paying it a visit once more.My previous have been for a quick flat-white over business but this one was for a post dinner coffee and dessert. The outlet like most of theirs is thought fully done up, free wi-fi is always a plus and lastly a charging point at every table makes it the best bet for corporates.

I always almost reach out for their pumpkin spiced latte and change my mind last-minute for something else and this time it was a salted caramel latte,my friend settled for a mocha. For desserts we opted for the beautiful looking red velvet cake with an orange” twist and a dutch truffle slice.
Salted caramel froyos, gelato etc have been trending here for sometime now but this was my first experience. The first whiff of coffee was almost caramel popcorn like, the coffee was silky with micro granules of salt. The sweet and salt combo truly works! Both the gateaux were a dampener because of the dryness of the sponge.The cream,the chocolate, the ‘zestiness’ of the orange were all great but the dryness marred it all. 2 coffees and 2 gateaux slices cost us around 900.Steep for a coffee-shop I think!!!


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