Wine for dummies … has to be one step at a time!


A few days back I was talking to my batch mate from Dadar catering when the topic of wine came up and we started to discuss about wine prices,brands etc. One statement from him  just reinstated my observation over the last few years, he said ” I prefer sticking to beer at any social events as I am afraid that one fine day I will be caught unaware  by a connoisseur like you for goofing up on the choice of wine with the food”. I wasn’t surprised as it was not the first time I was hearing something like this, it just left me pondering on how could we address this dilemma! and yeah I am not a connoisseur,just an enthusiast.

Well when we speak of beers, do we ever get critical except for associating a few terms like smooth,bitter, refreshing,crisp etc with the same ! We still manage to enjoy the beer in the best of company without being scared of a catch 22. For your information a beer can be as intimidating with more than 100 styles of beer, spectrum of grains used along with barley and a different water sources will make each beer unique. But patrons manage to dwell in the beer they like,describe it the way they want to ;no questions asked!

Wine is no different. It is a refreshing beverage and each wine has its own notes. Only experiencing the wine will actually tell you  whether you like it or no, expert opinions can only assist in choosing a wine out of a selection but should never be a deciding factor. I cannot however deny the fact  that in the Indian scenario wine is poised on a pedestal and looked up to as something aspirational. Aspirational yes, only for the wine know-how part  other wise it is certainly accessible to all. But knowledge will come from the number of wines you taste, you have to begin someday,somewhere.  So to begin with just follow “CAT”.

CAT : Colour, Aroma, Taste.  Describe a wine in this format.

For eg: A Four Seasons Rose


is an attractive pink with a fruity aroma and a slightly sweet and fruity taste.  If you still find it difficult just boldly say that this is the kind of wine you like.

“CAT” way can be safely used to describe any other beverage like a beer or tea. I will in my subsequent attempts try to demystify beverage. Till then Sante!


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