High Tea at the Sea Lounge!

Mumbai, India

Classic Scones,cakes and Sandwiches

Afternoon Tea or Low Tea and High tea or meat tea has scrambled origins; different legends have myriad stories to tell. Once such elaborates that the ‘High Tea’ was born in 1700’s for the common man in the UK, a quick early evening or a late afternoon meal consisting of toast, cakes, bread, cheese and tea savoured while standing over high stools and hence the ‘High’ . The High Tea as concept over the years got more popular with the elite of the society who often would have a meal before theatre or a game of cards when the café culture had emerged. High Tea since then has been revered and more often than not associated with luxury.

Crepe Suzette, Sea Lounge , taj Mumbai
Crepe Suzette

The Sea Lounge at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is one place in Mumbai known for its High Tea. The place Started in the 1920’s on the promenade then subsequently moved upstairs. The High Tea happened only in the 80’s when they tied up with British Airways and they set up the scene for them.  As experienced by me even today they are busy for High Tea, priced at 1750 all inclusive for an elaborate buffet consisting of Indian street food, Indian, Continental and Asian delicacies and a selection of Teas; it is one’s royal chance to experience the Taj.

Snake Coffee, Zodiac Grill, Taj Mahal Mumbai
Snake Coffee

Taking it further the Sea lounge starting 7 turns into a quainter space as the air is filled with interludes from crooner Heather Andrews and aromas of orange oils emanating from the crepes being flambéed on a gueridon .I ended my evening with a Snake Coffee a Zodiac Grill Signature, warm and spirited it had cognac, Cointreau and Kahlua and it arrived with all the theatre making it an epilogue of the evening!

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