Restauranthesis: Pecos Classic , Brigade Road

Bengaluru, India

Pecos Classic Bengaluru

I had never heard of this as a Mumbaikar until a news of it getting funded broke. On this trip to Bengaluru I made it a point to visit before it is run by VCs ;). A friend of mine who has grown up with this, one of the first pubs in Bengaluru brought me here. Pecos is non-AC,spans across three levels and serves only Fosters beer from the keg. As we walked upstairs we were greeted by cheerful middle aged men till we reached last level which had a table vacant of the 6 or 7 they had, the place was dark and filled with smoke. It may sound blasphemous to the lovers of Pecos but it reminded of the likes of  Laxmi Punjab from Mumbai but with music, the latter is what I grew on. The good part about these bars is their comfort-food and it was. I ordered an egg and mushroom chili fry with a mug of beer and as expected it was delightfully spicy but with generous amount of oil. Places like these are cult and people would continue to go to soak in the legacy of the times bygone.

Pecos Classic Bengaluru
Cassettes & Nostalgia

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