Cafe Infinito has a new menu!

Mumbai, India

Cafe Infinito BKC

Café Infinito has been my watering hole over the last year for the various wine events and lunches. I like the place for its food, it is simple but well thought of and yes of course their happy hours in the evenings are a steal. I have eaten there enough to know their menu well and this time I ended up on an invite to taste their new menu.

Cafe Infinito BKC Cafe Infinito BKC

The Pomegranate and Rosemary looked very appealing to look at but lacked it on the palate, very sweet with copious use of Grenadine and the rosemary flavour was missing. I wish they had used fresh Pomegranate juice instead; it also would have brought in lovely tannins. For appetizers the Baked Brie with Honey and balsamic reduction is a must have, was the highlight of my meals. The palm heart and water chestnut salad with greens and parmesan soil was light and refreshing.  Whilst engineering their menu, as expected they have retained a lot of their stars whist shooing their dogs away.  The soup; Minestrone Genovese, the salads; aragula, goat cheese with poached pear and braised fig and greens have been my favourites.

Cafe Infinito BKC Cafe Infinito A Common Man dines (6)

I tried the portabello mushroom burger, it had one big crumb fried portabello, and mushroom in Mornay.  It was quite a mouthful, but monotonously rich for my taste.  Whilst they retained all their pastas the Pizzas saw a sea change, my favorite potato and brie pizza was gone.  This time I chose a Cagliari, a tomato, feta, pesto, onion and elephant garlic (more leek than garlic) variant, it was crisp with generous toppings and it came with a smokey spice mix.  The mushroom timbale with cous cous and mushroom ragout and pimento coulis make a light yet filling meal.  Lastly I couldn’t resist from ordering a Egg decker Florentine, classic hash browns layered with scrambled egg, spinach, cheddar and some cheese sauce to gratinate.  Good for a mid-morning meal.

Cafe Infinito BKC Cafe Infinito BKC

For desserts, the  Baba-Au-Rhum a classic , it was from their promotional Sizzler menu that is running during monsoons, it came on a medium hot sizzler plate with the chilled  Baba cake soaked in rum resting on a thin& hot brownie crust. The cold and hot combo worked well, but the Baba was great on its own too. Last but not least was the Baked Yogurt, reminiscent of The Bengali favourite mishti and Bhapa doi and to a great extent a thick lassi, it was delicious but at Rs 300 a portion, I would stay away.

Café Infinito in my opinion has kept up its good work and yes they have gone up 20-25% in pricing, meal for 2 is about Rs 1800. If you are in BKC I will certainly recommend this place for a business lunch, after work drinks or even a peaceful Sunday brunch.


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