Harry’s the bar from Singapore opens in Juhu…

Mumbai, India

Harry’s the well known bar chain from Singapore opened an outlet in Juhu last month after a successful running of their Powai one for over a year. This one is bigger and better, in terms its space and the menu. Only wished the place had better day light coming in for my lunch to be even more cheerful!

Singapore Sling Harrys Juhu
Singapore Sling


Harry’s in terms of its menu and pricing is quintessentially the bar next door or your favourite local where you would love to hang out every day. With a mug of fosters starting at RS 99, they are pretty clear on what they stand for!  I started with a Singapore Sling (Rs 369) , it’s classic and touristy to have one in Singapore, a gin and pineapple based cocktail this one is sweet and would appeal to the Indian palate for sure.  And their bar munchies are shell roasted peanuts, the whole process of de-shelling them with a neat crack gives one a true sense of achievement and the best part of it the shell pile gives you an indication on when to stop!!  The marinated olives and feta were a good match to the sweet cocktail.

American Lemonade Harrys Juhu
American Lemonade- The Bourbon Slammer

Appetizers Harrys Juhu

We Indians love to eat while we drink, if not all most of us for sure and I belong to the latter category! The Vietnamese rolls with glass noodles and a tweak of peanuts made it very interesting; the Moroccan Paneer was done in the tandoor and finished with copious amount of Moroccan spices. The Bourbon Slammer complimented the starters well; it was redolent of vanilla, caramel and orange oils, not too sweet so much that even straight-up whisky drinkers would end up loving it.  Blood on the rooftop a peachy concoction with red wine to float was a very easy drink with a myriad flavours bursting on your palate, the cheese fondue mushrooms went well with it. The ratatouille stuffed mushrooms however were lackluster; you could not taste the ratatouille at all.

Muhsrooms Harrys Juhu cocktails Harrys Juhu

For mains we had a quick bite of the paprika pasta with penne and bell peppers tossed in cream, tomato sauce with a generous sprinkle of parmesan, completely Indianized but serious comfort food.  The veg Thai green curry lacked the uber flavor of the herbs but again stood out as post drinks comfort food. We ended our meal with a flamed chocolate fondant served with vanilla gelato. The picture here speaks louder than words.  The caramel and popcorn martini paired with it had the sweetness and the nuttiness but was really high on the spirit; left unbalanced and it brought the experience down.

Flaming Fondant Harrys Juhu Caramel Popcorn Martini

Overall Harry’s is a good bet to spend your evenings at with simple straight drinks or nifty cocktails and easy bar food at a reasonable price. Cocktails start at Rs 249!!





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  1. Wow sounds really nice and interesting. The food snaps are looking delicious as well. I wish I could visit there once and check out the taste as I am damn foodie.

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