Indigo Deli launches unlimited 5-course menu at Rs 899 !!!

Mumbai, India

Indigo Deli requires no introduction, an all day diner and deli; it is known for its food with the thin crust pizzas taking the cake. At INR 899 + taxes for an unlimited 5 course menu for groups of 6-12 people, Indigo Deli is certainly trying to create some disruption by enticing consumers to step out in groups for extravagant weekday lunches. They call it the ‘Deli Community Menu’.

Chive and potato soup
Chive and potato soup Pic by Ekta Nair

I was invited to have a taste of the menu and the experience lasted with a lingering finish.  The menu comprises soups, salads, pizzas, mains and desserts and to wash it all down are a range of iced teas and Virgin Mojitos, the menu shall be dynamic with daily specials incorporated each day.  My experience was a bit choppy to begin with, the iced teas failed to impress however the warm crusty brown multigrain bread with a chive and potato soup made up for it. The salads again failed to show any prominent character, the Panzanella and the Caesar were mediocre but the grilled vegetable salad in a honey-mustard dressing rose to the occasion, it was dressed to perfection and the textures of the soft grilled veggies and the crunchy greens played well.

Grilled vegetable salad
Grilled vegetable salad. Pic by Ekta Nair

Things only went exceedingly well from here with the exquisite sun-dried tomato, Olive and caper and the opulent creamed spinach and mushrooms pizzas creating the perfect magic. The mains, farfalle in a mushroom ragout, the pesto cream fusilli, the saffron risotto etc were rich and filling.

Sundried Tomato Olive and caper pizza
Sundried Tomato Olive and caper pizza . Pic by Ekta Nair
Farfalle in mushroom ragout
Farfalle in mushroom ragout.

For desserts the baked blueberry cheese cake and the chocolate ganache cakes made for very good options apart from the homemade ice creams like rum and raisin, mint and blueberry and strawberry cheesecake one could choose from. The strawberry cheesecake one cannot be missed!

Strawberry Cheese cake Ice cream
Strawberry Cheese cake Ice-cream , Pic by Ekta Nair

This is certainly a compelling option for you to plan your next team lunch!!!

P.S: The promotion is on in their Bandra, Malad and Ghatkopar outlets from Monday- Friday


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