Restauranthesis: Puranmal, R city, Ghatkopar

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Puranmal till a few years back was always synonymous to me as an expensive Indian restaurant, at least the facade of their Vileparle restaurant indicated so. Till date I haven’t visited their Parle outlet but did patronize their R-City, Ghatkopar outlet which is closer to my residence.20131204_135501

The restaurant is done up tastefully; with a layout that is not very standard, squares and rectangles like! The whole set-up gave me a feel of affordable luxury and it was confirmed when I had a look at the menu and their prices (seemed <900 meal for 2). A vegetarian multicuisine, Puranmal serves pizzas, pastas, pies etc. in its continental fare, tandoor to gravies in the Indian, commonplace Chindian food (Chinese with an Indian touch) and a list of chat items. It was lunch and we decided to go in for a quick thali. Picture1

We were quickly brought a glass of rose Sherbet each as a welcome drink and after 10 minutes that our thalis arrived. By the sheer look of it; finishing the thali seemed to be no mean feat. The menu:

Khandvi, vegetable makkhanwala, aloo jeera, paneer tikka masala, dal lasooni, green salad, raita, choice of breads (lacccha paratha, kulcha, roti) masala chaas and Kashmiri pulav. For dessert was rasgulla and malai kulfi.


My verdict:

The food was delicious with a distinctive taste, right from the smokiness of the paneer tikka to the ‘creaminess’ of the raita and the perfect masala in the chaas. The Kashmiri pulav however was akin to a Udipi, with liberal usage of pineapple.The most disappointing part of the meal was their desserts and mind you it is Puranmal’s core business. The rasgulla was stale and chewy and the malai kulfi looked promising but there was something amiss, its taste and texture felt uncooked flour like, arrowroot may be!

The Thali cost us 400 all-inclusive a head and I thought it was at par with the Rajdhani but with a far superior quality product. They do thalis all 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner. Worth a try…


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