Restauranthesis: 38 Bangkok Street, Fort

Mumbai, India The mention of this vegetarian Asian eatery came up in several interactions at different forums over the last couple of months, the only question they posed to me was, have you been there? How is it?  I finally made it on a Tuesday evening.  Tucked in a by lane of Fort neighboring several... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Ankur Coastal Bistro, Since 1941

Mumbai,India Aromas of fried fish and coconut curry wafted  out and welcomed me at Ankur a coastal eatery located in one of the Fort by lanes.  Started in 1941 this has been the underdog in popularity whilst enjoying loyal patronage. As a vegetarian it was a tough choice to pick this place for lunch, however... Continue Reading →

Things to do: Gwalior

Gwalior,IndiaA wedding invite from a friend got me elated as the invitation read Gwalior, royalty was one thing I could associate with the city and hence had no second thoughts before I got my tickets done. As the date approached I was frantically looking up on the internet and appealing to friends on social media... Continue Reading →

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