Soma the underdog at the Grand Hyatt

Mumbai, India

When I think Grand Hyatt,  China House and Celini are top of mind recall and Soma ends up at the bottom of their F&B offering. This is certainly my opinion based on the communication happening for the former on all media outlets. Perhaps ‘Soma is already doing well and doesn’t need any marketing’ must be the hotel’s line of thought we analysed after tasting their food over whiskies.

soma grand hyatt

I experienced Chef Vinod Rana’s cooking on Father’s day as he forth a menu to pair Indian single malt whiskies from the house of Paul John. The food from the tandoor was Smoky yet elegant, the veg seek crumbly yet moist and the mutter tikki stuffed with cheese had the softness of galouti but the mushy pea graininess remained. The aragula salad with pomegranate seeds was a great complement. The mains with a mild and saffron-scented paneer gravy was delightful with the sheermal and so did the birista (fried onions) topped wild rice with the rich black dal. You definitely have to go to quality restaurants for food experiences like these.

We ended with sweet spice laden Bibinka fritters paired with a slightly peated but sweet malt. Soma is a gem at the Grand Hyatt, watch for their set-meal promotions from time to time ;they are a steal. This was priced at Rs 2750 per head inclusive of the whiskies.

Chef Vinod Rana

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Great Wall’s lunch at 1010

Mumbai, India

turnip cake Great Wall Leela

Great Wall the Chinese restaurant at The Leela, Mumbai is one of the pioneers of the cuisine in the city, the Hunan and Sichuan cuisines being their core.  What drew me to the restaurant after long was their new menu coupled with the four-course set lunch priced at attractive Rs 1010 per person on through the week.

Cheung Fan Great Wall Leela

My table overlooking the green landscape replete with a waterfall set the vibrancy to the afternoon despite the 90’s décor. The set lunch comprised soup, starter, mains and a dessert; it had the basics but plausible options like the classic turnip cakes, crystal dumplings, and the Great wall special hot and sour soup. I also looked beyond it for the new menu items like the asparagus cheung fans and the main dish, chestnut, sugar snap peas, tofu, shiitake and white fungus in a light citrusy sauce with Japanese inspirations, both exquisite. The mapo tofu for mains was classic and did me in. The cream of mango with sago pearls was refreshing with the acidity and the new dessert Gula Melaka of Sino-Malay origin, a combination of sago, coconut milk and Palm jaggery was silken albeit heavy.

Stirfry veg Great Wall Leela

Great Wall impressed with the food like always and their set menu we thought is a steal especially for those who look forward to see what Chinese food with quality ingredients taste like.

Gula Melak Great Wall Leela

Lord of the Drinks opens in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Lord of the Drinks Mumbai

To every man there were 5 women, glasses of Sangria and cosmopolitans on the table reminded me of the Sex and the City episodes which got the latter famous and this marked my entry to the Lord of the Drinks. It was the Sorority night we understood later, the sprightly vibe coupled with the décor made a perfect start to the evening.

Lord of the Drinks MumbaiLords of the Drink is a new entrant to the vibrant F&B neighbourhood of Andheri. The décor has a flavour of luxury with the lighting and the sense of space yet a touch of rusticity with the back bar design and it stands out.  The food attempts to satisfy all palates with selection of cuisines, courses and choices of vegetables and meat. Chukandar Galouti, bamboo shoot and water chestnut kebab, broccoli tikka with cheddar drizzle were exquisite and my opinion of the place from a pub changed to a gastro-pub. From a grilled mushroom salad to a shorba to a Quattro fromaggi to the paneer tacos the place spans cuisines and from my experiences from just the appetizers, they sure are doing a wonderful job.  The drinks a smoked old-fashioned to the Mumbai Margarita with Aaam Panna were concocted well, however I still would have loved to see more savory or neutral options on the menu than most with syrups. The music is commercial but gets louder as the night descends, stay away post 930 if you like to converse over drinks.

Broccoli tikka

For me, Lord of drinks is a great place to go early evenings for some good food and drinks and for the nocturnality in the ghetto; it with its music can keep you going….

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For the love of Panchkota sabzi!

Mumbai. India

Authentic Rajasthani Thali

The land of royalty, palaces, luxury, colours, architecture and of course cuisine, Rajasthan truly puts India on the global tourist scene.  Speaking of the cuisine, the dry and arid landscape of Rajasthan gave birth to it. Paucity of water, lack of vegetation and hence vegetables got them to adapt resulting in distinct recipes.  Use of milk and milk products like ghee instead of water, using dried or pickled veggies, use of flours to make fresh or dried dumplings to substitute veggies are some of the highlights of the cuisine.

Dal Baati Churma

Tuskers at the Sofitel, BKC the only pure vegetarian restaurant within a luxury hotel curated a Rajasthani food promotion over the last 10 days and it was helmed by two chefs, Vinod and Sanjay visiting from Fairmont, Jaipur another brand of the French hotel group, Accor. The classic Dal Bati churma, Gate ki sabzi, papad mangodi, kachori in kadhi, Missi Roti, Puri, Shrikhand, Moong Dal Halwa etc comprised the massive thali at lunch time and was priced at Rs 1299.The star of the menu was the Panchkota sabji a stir fry of indigenous veggies including the Kair, Sangri, Kumat (acacia Senegal), Goondha and dried mango.  Tuskers under Chef Janakidas Vaishnav has been serving authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine, sometimes with a modern touch of flavours and promotions like these only help us to enjoy more of what the region has to offer.

shrikhand Moong dal halwa

We look forward to Tuskers to keep making us vegetarians happy and wish they could promote other regional vegetarian food may be from Kashmir, Bihar, Haryana and more too ….


Food and Perfume at J W Marriott, Sahar


Romanos J W Marriott Sahar

Innovation and showmanship is a norm in the restaurant space these days, some namesake like the overdone smoke or the fancy crockery phenomena or the excess of molecular gastronomy and a few which evoke interest.  Innovation in food could be interplay of flavours, textures, visuals and most importantly engagement.  Roberto Zorzoli of Romanos at the J W Marriott, Sahar is currently experimenting with extracting incense from everyday kitchen ingredients and he has showcased his work in a promotion called the Aromas.

Romanos J W Marriott Sahar

I walked in to see 10 perfume bottles on the table alongside the ubiquitous balsamico and olio in an Italian restaurant. Sage, nutmeg, orange, saffron, thyme etc read the tag on their necks.  Still didn’t make a lot of sense to me until the burrata arrived, a rich yet relatively neutral dish to take on some flavours.  Burrata with two sprays of orange and a refreshing morsel followed by a spray of oregano and yet another morsel, the haze over the concept was clearing out, dining was getting more fun. I felt like a creator!  I tried many aromas with one dish to figure one or a combination that worked well. Sage with watermelon feta, saffron with gnocchi in mascarpone, coffee, vanilla and a hint of nutmeg on the deconstructed tiramisu were my choices. I got suggestions of aromas from fellow diners, I gave mine and the dinner was interactive, the topic of discussion being food.

Romanos Marriott Zorzoli (3)

Zorzoli enchanted with his chocolate inspired 4 course meal last time and this time with the aroma experiment. Spraying aromas in the bartending world is common and this being incorporated in food is smart. I’m sure this will trend soon in the city and will become a norm. We Indians love condiments, don’t we???

Romanos J W Marriott Sahar

China Gate for a quick bite


Went for a business lunch here and was glad to see a full house on a weekday afternoon. Rs 700 a head for a buffet with around 8 starters, 2 soups  and main buffet replete with salads, rice, noodles, gravies and dessert buffet with pastries, fruits and the classic darsaan and date pancakes. The food is not ‘gourmet’ but is comforting, think seasame toast, street style momos, cheese poppers, paneer chilly , crispy corn etc and the service is spot on. For the price it is a steal and one can choose to have a relaxed afternoon. Yes a glass of wine is included in the price… what more can you ask for?

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Get started with Global Fusion

Mumbai, India

global fusion sushi dimsums

Thank god Mumbai has Global fusion! It is a great place to initiate yourself or your friends into sushi and dimsums or Asian food in general.  They have now added an Indian section for the hardcore desis.  The place is done up well and is very spacious.  At 800 something a head,the spread is humongous and does great justice.  It may not be a very good example of sushis and dimsums , but a very representative one to get you started…  Good place to go in groups for a happy afternoon!

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