New Kudla, Ashok nagar

Stars: 4.5 Mangalore, India Great bang for the buck. Ups: Good price and big portion sizes Super Paneer Ghee Roast UB export beer is great Overall food is fantastic Great service Downs -Very dark space,you don't appreciate the look of the dishes. - Can be stuffy up there. the place seems old.

Ayodhya Mangaluru for breakfast

Stars: 4 It is the place for a plethora of Gowd Saraswat Brahmin snack and breakfast items at a price whic is unbelievable. A little bit of visible hygiene is certainly needed. I was here for breakfast twice to eat most items on the menu. The pictures will speak about the dishes.

SpinDrift Microbrewery Mangalore

Stars: 5 Oasis in a desert. Well figuratively! Spindrift Mangalore’s only brewpub is playing both it’s good and beer card right and at a super price point. Great beers and super food including cheese toast, ghee roast and more. Good desserts to. Will go back when in town.

Sanadige Mangaluru

Stars: 5 We were on a coconut rampage in Mangalore and this place just helped the cause. From a fiery Rasam , to the classic gobi65 , appams, Curries, ghee roast and the elaneer payasam to end. The restaurants given its ambience overlooking the sea in a distance offers great value and a fine dining... Continue Reading →

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