Aaheli,Kolkata serves at Jamavar, Leela!

Mumbai, India

Mumbai has seen the popularity of Bengali cuisine rising over the last one decade and enthusiastic non-bengali diners can now discern between the good and the not so. I have been upping the ante with Bong food given all the Kolkata travels and a host of eateries opening up in the city whilst still struggling to find some love for Potol. Recently when a Leela billboard on the airport road spoke about a Bong food promo, I was kicked and even more when I understood that Aaheli a 2 decade old Hilsa destination in Kolkata is running it.  I had to go!

Aaheli Jamavar

Welcomed by the hostess draped in the cult red and white Korial, my journey to didi’s land had begun. Jamavar looked as pristine and inviting and I was all set for a big meal.  Aam pora sharbat to begin and a quick chat with Chef Hafiz of Aaheli gave me the ‘itinerary’ for the evening.  Date and 2 mango chutneys with papad kept us company till the Piyaz Poshto Bora, Chenna patishapta and Mochar chop came in.  Dhokar Dalna, Aloo Poshto, Kasundi begun, Chanar ushtab with radhaballabhi and the fragrant Gobindbhog rice were brilliant.

Now coming to where Bengalis could come to fists, mishthi, the Rajbhog in nolen gur, Doi with nolen gur and nolen gur payesh brought in a sweet ending to our Saturday evening.  The food was brilliant and the ambiance luxurious.  Go Jamavar, eat Aaaheli !

aaheli jamavar leela


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