Restauranthesis: Boda, Chembur


My first trip to Kolkata more than a decade back gave me a glimpse of Bengali cuisine.  However my active rendezvous with the cuisine began during my B-school days with a roomie from Asansol and yes not to forget the bhog at the various Durga Puja pandals. From then till now it has been a steep learning curve and newer experience each time.  Oh Calcutta to the best of my knowledge started it all and others then ensued the latest being Boda a tiny eatery which began with Powai and now has an outlet in Chembur too.  I recently experienced the latter one and I am glad I did.

Boda Chembur

We started with a Mochar Chop and a Paneer Roll to begin.  Mochar Chop a cutlet made of banana flowers was flavoured with fragrant cardamom and the raisins in there took it to the next level. Certainly the best chop I have had.  The paneer roll came wrapped in a rich flaky paratha with the paneer laced in copious amount of mustard and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are averse to mustard then stay away!!   The mains arrived next, Motorshutir Kochuri (Peas Puri), Cholar dal, Dhokar Dalna and Ghee Bhath.  The Puri was soft and moist with the filling and complemented  the spiced dal (chana dal) which had bits of fried coconut (narkel). The Dhokar Dalna gravy was rich and aromatic but the dumplings were dry and crumbly, nonetheless enjoyed the gravy with the ghee bhath. The portion sizes are very generous, so look before you order!!

Boda Chembur

We finished with NolenGurer icecream which was luscious with a lovely grainy texture. I understand this is a commercial adaptation than a classic.  The Patisapta were crepes filled with mawa, a tad too dry but the icecream held it together.  Last words good food which is neither heavy on you and nor your pocket!!

Boda Chembur Boda Chembur

Meal for 2: Rs 800

P.S: Have to go back to try their Jackfruit curry, Langcha and a few more gravies.





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  1. They do a fantastic Malai Chingri. Big pieces of prawn, addictive gravy. The biryani, I was on the fence, but my Bengali husband seemed pretty happy.

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