Restauranthesis: White Owl, Lower Parel

Mumbai, India


This ‘White Owl’ is perched on quite a landmark branch, the One India Bulls centre, Lower Parel and I hear it hoots not only on in the evenings but also in broad day light.  White Owl is a microbrewery awaiting its license for close to a year now to start brewing and in the interim has continued to serve bottled beers and other spirits alongside a well crafted European menu.

Megha Sarin a friend and I went for a lunch on a Tuesday afternoon and the place had a few seats filled. The restaurant has dim lighting with shiny black cushioned chairs with glass top tables. The best view from the restaurant is that of the shiny tanks behind a glass partition waiting to ferment some fresh beer. The ambience is just right for post work drinks and lounging around. A quick peek at the drinks menu showed a collection of 10 beers starting from the popular Kingfisher (Rs 185 ++) to French Kronenbourg (Rs 525 ++) and the celebrated Belgian Hoegaarden (Rs 525 ++). Spirits and liqueur selection was limited to representation from categories and so was the case with wines; with them starting at an inviting price of Rs 285 a glass for a Sula Sauvignon Blanc and Rs 395 for their sparkling. We opted for a homemade ginger lemonade (Rs 85 ++) and it was very refreshing with heat from the ginger enhanced with nuances of the zest.


Their food menu created by Chef Kshama Prabhu is very simplistic and grouped into Starters, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees and Desserts. They also do an ‘Express Lunch’ menu comprising soup, salad and entrée at (Rs 549 ++) and which is the unanimous lunch time feed for most patrons apparently. I was not as much in a hurry and chose to order from the regular menu.

Jalapeno and Cheese poppers (Rs 295 ++): Gladly homemade and served with garlic and chilly aioli, they were crispy outside and soft inside.


House Welsh Rarebit (Rs 335 ++): This dish suits the beer place a lot considering it’s cheese and ale (beer) on a baguette toast.

Welsh Rarebit
Welsh Rarebit

Assorted Dips with lavache (Rs 335 ++): The Labneh (hung curd with an olive oil drizzle) was plain-jane, but the Hummus and carrot & cumin dip were very appetizing.

Hummus, Labneh and Carrot and Cumin dip with Lavache
Hummus, Labneh and Carrot and Cumin dip with Lavache

Chargrilled cottage cheese skewers (Rs 295 ++): Soft pieces of grill Paneer on skewers were drenched in a creamy herb sauce. Good bet.

Paneer in Cajun Spice
Paneer in Cajun Spice

Cranberry and Chevre Salad (Rs 435 ++):  Wonderful mix of tart Chevre, sweet Cranberries, crunchy walnuts and sharp arugula.

Ginger Lemonade  with Arugula, Chevre and Cranberry salad
Ginger Lemonade with Arugula, Chevre and Cranberry salad

Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli (Rs 395 ++): This was the highlight of the meal. The waft of hazelnut butter and the brown baked look of the ravioli skins were alluring.  The first bite of it was something I had never experienced before. You have to taste it to know it! This is one dish which I will reminisce of for long.

Roasted pumpkin Ravioli in hazelnut butter
Roasted pumpkin Ravioli in hazelnut butter

Orange Crème Brulee (Rs 235 ++):  Rich, creamy with perfumed zesty bits. The portion was generous.

Orange Creme Brulee
Orange Creme Brulee

Caramelized Banana and toffee tart (Rs 315 ++):  Luscious toffee and tawny looking banana slices in a crumbly tart topped with Malibu cream was again a big plus. The Malibu cream was quite thoughtful as it complemented the flavours very well.


Banoffee tart
Banoffee tart

Veggie Meal for 2:  Rs 2200 (food only)


  • Pan to plate food with minimal handling
  • Express Lunch @ Rs 549 with a weekly change in menu
  • Good Ambience for an evening out
  • Satisficing menu selection


  • A little premium for sure. Given the rents the location commands it is justified; but the consumers’ willingness to pay is a question the management has to pose to them self or maybe they have figured an answer already!
  • No windows or daylight.


Hope they get their license and start brewing soon, until then will not mind going back for the Ravioli and the Banoffee or the Express lunch one afternoon!













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