What would models at the Lakme Fashion Week drink?

20140305_202258_LLSI am no fashionista, I am a beverage follower; but since fashion and designer drinks are always spoken of in conjunction I was invited to the launch of ‘style cocktails’ for the Lakme fashion week which happens in Mumbai from 12-16th March. The event was hosted by Aspri Spirits, one of India’s leading importers of wines and spirits and who are the official partners for the fashion week.

Shatbhi in action..
Shatbhi in action..

The fashion week showcases the best of Indian design talent and for this sake the ‘first lady’ of the Indian bartending scene Shatbhi Basu, celebrity bartender, author and TV host was called upon to concoct some heady cocktails using Stolichnaya vodka of Latvian origin. Stoli as it is popularly known has been a stylish brand of vodka across the globe and it has been going strong. Vodka in my opinion is a spirit to get drunk on (and has no other reason) and frankly I can’t appreciate much in a vodka in term of flavor, but can point out the difference in the finesse, finer the vodka; silkier the cocktail. A special menu of 6 cocktails as below was drawn up by Basu and these will do rounds at the fashion revelry.


Picante: Literally means ‘Spicy’ in Spanish, this cocktail had the sweetness from the pineapple and the mild heat from the bell peppers making it balanced and the driest of all served. A rocking Showstarter it was! For all you size zero aspirants, this is low on calories and the Capsaicin in the peppers is known to burn fat

Perla Azul
Perla Azul

Perla Azul: Sweet and chilled make the drink very smooth and almost virgin in taste. A mix of blue Curacao, litchi juice and Stoli, this drink can get you high very high and without a warning.

with love from the bartender...Ti Amo
with love from the bartender…Ti Amo

Ti Amo: Just like love in the name this cocktail is sweet and clear. Vodka with peach, can sting you with the alcohol, love bites too right!

Potent Flame O' the forest
Potent Flame O’ the forest

Flame O’ the forest: With triple sec and marmalade, I tasted 3 versions of this drink last evening.One syrupy and sugary, one sweet and the third was almost a neat Stoli with a hint of orange. I liked the sweet variant.

Crazy for love...
Crazy for love…

Crazy for Love: A really crazy combination this one vodka, peach, lime and red wine. Myriad flavours in the glass, but underwhelming. Not my favourite.

Hot wired...akin to kalakhatta
Hot wired…akin to kalakhatta

Hot-wired: This was Mumbaiyya suiting the city for #LFW14. A Slushy mix of blackcurrant and vodka with lime and served with a black salt rim, for sure my showstopper for the evening!

And for all those who are thirsty now, you can also find these cocktails at close to 25 outlets (to be announced soon) in the city, only for the fashion week time.

Cheers to a better ‘Couture’ in the city!!!!


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