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After launching in Mumbai late in 2013, Harry’s the Singapore based chain of bars opened its doors to Delhites with their first outlet at Select City mall Saket  and the latest one  in the famous  Khan Market. I was invited to review the new place by Rahul Massey, the Executive Chef – North India, PanIndia foods which also runs brands like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Spaghetti Kitchen, Gelato Italiano, Copper chimney etc.

sunroofed seating...
sunroofed seating…
The bar
The bar

Harry’s is a place synonymous as the friendly neighborhood bar and a destination for post work drinks. The Khan Market outlet translates exactly into the same, it has an inconspicuous entrance and you have to pass through the first floor which houses Coffee bean and tea leaf to enter the bar on the second.  It is less than 50 covers with a patio seating, an area under a sun roof and a section opposite the well equipped bar.  I settled in the outdoor area with a high stool seating overlooking the roadside.

The beverage selection offers a great choice in beers with Stella and Hoegaarden on the tap, a fair collection of spirits and a few wines. They have a well crafted list of cocktails and mocktails to choose from and I knew what I wanted being the wine man I am. The food selection was multicuisine ranging from Thai, Indian to American. “We are a beverage place, but we do great on food sales at a 60:40 ratio, 40 being the latter. The food is rustic with focus being on their match with drinks” said Massey

I  started with a sparkling wine sangria and Harry’s nachos as suggested by the server, the Sangria was delicious with chopped fruits, and the nachos a  combo of sour cream, guacamole, salsa, kidney beans, jalapenos, peppers in a layered fashion.  On one hand was the generous portion of nachos and on the other a half-filled glass of sangria, a disappointment even more when the fruits leave you with a few sips.

Sparkling Sangria and Harry's nachos
Sparkling Sangria and Harry’s nachos
Paneer with Wasabi Mayo
Paneer with Wasabi Mayo

Next was a combination of Wasabi Paneer and white wine Sangria. The Paneer was wrapped in spinach deep fried and served with Wasabi mayo. The casing seemed a bit chewy but otherwise a good bar nibble it is.  The sangria came in a lovely goblet, with a mixture of fruits and mint (never seen this before) and the taste was good but sadly dominated by mango and orange leaving me with little wine flavour.

White wine Sangria
White wine Sangria
The veggie platter....
The veggie platter….
Singapore Sling...check the coasters
Singapore Sling…check the coasters

Then came a platter full of appetizers Tofu and potato satays, mushroom fritters, chilli cheese and refried bean bruschettas. Each of them were wonderfully done, the tofu marinated in  Thai curry paste, the potato high on kafir lime leaf flavor, the fritters with a cheesy core and the bruschetta were  perfectly toasted, crispy on the outside and soft inside. This for me was the preview of the mix-n-match platter to be listed soon. A big thumbs up to it!

I was choked and overwhelmed with all that came my way. A heady ‘Singapore Sling’, classic gin based cocktail from the chains origin came to my rescue and help me wash down. It was not over yet; Thai potato rolls and mini veggie burgers came in to end my meal. Cubes of potatoes tossed in Thai spices and rolled in a maida wrap, the filling was great but the wrap was a letdown, very commercial in taste and texture and the burgers were classic aloo patty ones. The cocktail held me in good stead here.

We finally ended with a delicious scoop of coffee and vanilla gelatos; remember they own a gelato chain too.

Thai roll....
Thai roll….


  • Affordable, next door bar and eatery,beers start at 149 a pint
  • Lovely ambiance and music
  • Great food and beverage selection.
  • Teetotalers have a great set of mocktails to choose from
  • A few chinks in their f&b armor let them down a bit
  • Veggie meal for 2 under 1200!

Overall a great place to unwind post work, or visit  for a quick working lunch or grooving on some nightcaps!!!


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