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After the Ritz Carlton rendezvous on the 31st night, all I was left wanting for was more good food.  The Anand Bhavans and the xyz Sagars did help me with their kaapis and dosas but I wanted to experience more.  My   Saturday morning started at 1000 ft above the sea level in Nandi Hills, Grover Vineyards was on agenda and more wine was to follow whole day on Sunday, 26 bottles between Saturday and Sunday. And in between these wine bouts were quick meals and drinks over business and pleasure or both.

Snapshots of my Bengaluru gluttony, I will have to go back to them for a bigger picture!

Oliver’s Ristorante  ITPL-Graphite India Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru


I chose this place for Saturday night dinner as this place is open air and fit the bill perfectly for the Bengaluru weather at 2200 hrs. It seemed recession when we reached there, 2 tables of the 25 occupied, but we decided to take a chance (empty restaurants make a little wary).  The menu was a mix European and Asian, Soups to pastas to noodles to pizzas.

Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin soup
Cottage Cheese Steak
Cottage Cheese Steak

Smoked pumpkin soup:  Served with garlic bread. Though a cream soup, it wasn’t very heavy and presented well.

Mexican veggie Pizza:  Was mediocre, medium crust and a strictly ok Pizzaolo sauce.  Can be avoided.

Cottage Cheese Steak with Chimichurri: Yes the sauce was not a chimichurri , it was a tomato and garlic sauce. Generous pieces of Paneer served with mash, fried rice and herb tossed veggies. Good portion size. Haven’t had a good mash in a long time and this one was disappointing too. The sauce whatever it was went very well the cheese gratinated steak.

I Like:  Open air setting, music, the lighting, holiday feel and the plate presentations. Meal for 2 under 900.

Warning:  Mosquito menace (they help you with a repellant under the table), food nowhere close to authentic, but I did not mind. And yes they do not serve alcohol.

Toit, Brewpub Indirangar,Bengaluru


On Sunday evening at 2000 hrs this 3 level brew pub was running full capacity with people on the waitlist.  We were two and walked up to check all the levels. It was cacophony with no music to be heard we went up to the bar on third and asked for samplers (they sell those at some 200 Rs) they asked us to go to the second as they had run short of glasses .We went to the second level bar and they asked us to go to the 3rd level as they had no glasses too!!! Wow we just got ourselves a weisse and a ragi (Red Millet) special along with baked nachos.  The weisse was aromatic and refreshing and the ragi one was pale ale like . The nachos were a terrible failure although they seemed popular,  lavache ( flat bread sticks of refined flour but nachos is corn flour)  baked unevenly  covered with a lovely Mornay (Cheese sauce) and brunoise of onions and tomatoes.

Verdict:  They have a worthy menu but the nacho teaser was a letdown.  Let me not judge them on one item. I will avoid this place on peak days unless if I am in a group where I would may be not notice the chaos around as I will be part of one perhaps.

Monkey Bar Wood Street,Ashok Nagar,Bengaluru

20140202_212055_LLSFrom Toit and the ‘nacho’ experience we headed to Monkey Bar for a more gourmet experience. Monkey Bar a gastro pub is known for its breakfast, their burgers, trendy cocktails and more. We reached the place and the feel was that of a neighborhood pub where everyone knows everyone and a healthy banter spread all around.  Limited veggie options, we ordered some straight drinks and then tucked into mushroom rolls and egg and veg goreng, both were good nothing to rave about.

I want to go back for breakfast to tell you more!

Infinitea  Ali Asker Road, ent. Cunningham Road, Bengaluru

Rooibos tea with Banana and walnut slice
Rooibos tea with Banana and walnut slice

Was our last stop for Sunday evening for some chai. This place as the name suggest serves over 100 types of tea, yeah they also do some food pastas and continental fare.  First flushes to Oolongs to Tisanes to flavoured, they have them all. We after a reading marathon went in for the South African Rooibos , it is from a different family and it’s not related to Assam or Chinese or Srilankan teas.  We ordered the chocolate flavoured one, a hint of chocolate helped to enhance the earthy rooibos. With the heavy anti-oxidant dose we called it a day.

Verdict: Good place if you want to experience teas at under Rs 150 for a pot; a cup each for 2  . Some of these sell at over Rs 15000 a kilo.

 Bengaluru Baking Company @ J W Marriott, UB City.

BBCVibrant and fast paced, these delis & cake shops from my experience in Mumbai and Pune are always a goto for a working lunch or a coffee sundowner with friends.  We went in for 3 course set lunch @499 + taxes, a soup/salad, Sandwich/ Pasta and a dessert.  The Classic Mozzarella, Tomato and pesto salad was refreshing, the feta and mixed veg Panini was filling and the fruit tart had the choicest of fresh fruits and my all time favourite custard. The crust though was very biscuit, would have loved it to be more crumbly as a short crust is supposed to be.

Verdict:  Completely worth it. Their pastry and cakes on display looked super.

Back to Mumbai now, I look forward to explore more of Bangalore.  Will keep you lovely readers posted.

Thank you..




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