Chili’s Powai running its original menu from 1975…..

Mumbai,India I am admittedly a huge Chili’s fan, their food consistently fails to disappoint. My perception of the place, it is American,it is big  and it is comforting. They are now doing something wonderful over the next couple of  months, they have recreated the menu which they originally started with in 1975 in Texas. Humble... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Aye Dios Mio, Marine Lines

Mumbai,India Tucked in a lane opposite Bombay Hospital, Aye Dios Mio which literally translates to ‘Oh My God’ is a vegetarian Italian and Mexican eatery. They are an 8 seater place with an obvious focus on deliveries. Owners Puja  Khaturia a trained chef who worked in finance and Akshay Bhow an  ex big 4 consultant ... Continue Reading →

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