Chili’s Powai running its original menu from 1975…..

Mumbai,India I am admittedly a huge Chili’s fan, their food consistently fails to disappoint. My perception of the place, it is American,it is big  and it is comforting. They are now doing something wonderful over the next couple of  months, they have recreated the menu which they originally started with in 1975 in Texas. Humble... Continue Reading →

Restauranthesis: Chili’s ,Powai

Mumbai,India Chili’s is an American chain of casual dining restaurants known for its tex-mex food and cocktails. They run over 1500 restaurants across the globe and have a presence in a few cities in the country. Chili’s has been a brand I have patronized over the last 2 years for ‘junk’ food, meaning cheesy, fried... Continue Reading →

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